Managed Database Security class systems

Database Security class systems offer reliable real-time solutions ensuring security of databases that are critical for business operations. While protecting against all types of threats, they do not require modifications to the architecture, costly equipment and do not cause interruptions in the system’s functioning.

Database Activity Monitoring (DAM)

SecureSphere DAM ensures real-time and constant monitoring and control of all the operations carried out on databases, providing detailed information, such as “who, what, when, where and how”. The system controls privileged users who have direct access to the server as well as non-privileged users who connect with the server via various applications. In addition, SecureSphere DAM monitors answers from databases for potential leaks of confidential information and security breaches, and in critical situations it can block such answers. Furthermore, a database profile is built in the process, which enables to detect any anomalies connected with suspected queries.

Discovery and Assessment Server (DAS)

Secure-Sphere DAS is a unique, advanced scanner of vulnerabilities in databases. It uses over one thousand ready tests (benchmarks) of set-up, database and platform weak points, which help organisations identify and eliminate them. The system of virtual patches provided with the SecureSphere DAS can block attempts to take advantage of detected vulnerabilities, ensuring immediate protection without the need to update the database engine. This technology reduces to minimum the time in which the system is exposed to attacks as well as significantly reduces the risk of breach of security of data during testing and when patches are being delivered to the databases. DAS can scan and detect any instances of databases which are exposed in the network, finding unauthorised test environments with real data.

User Rights Management for Databases (URMD).

SecureSphere URMD automatically collects information on the users’ rights for heterogeneous databases. The users’ rights management system allows their easy viewing and identification of staff with excessive authorisations, thereby reducing data leakage. It also facilitates demonstration of compliance with regulations such as: SOX or PCI.

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