Managed DLP

Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention by SOC24 provides a comprehensive solution protecting you against leaks of confidential data and sensitive information. It provides effective methods for the prevention of data loss, thereby protecting your organisation against financial loss, reputational damage and its and against the loss of customer trust.

In addition, the DLP class solution of SOC24 enables you to ensure compliance with legal regulations, the industry standards and state requirements, such as PCI-DSS, guidelines relating to personal data protection laid down in GDPR or recommendations of the Financial Supervision Authority.

SOC24's Data Loss Prevention benefits:

  1. Protection based on the tagging of files.
  2. Preventing uncontrolled leakage of information on the computer level (per user/group policies in AD or per computer policy).
  3. Centrally managed policies and set-up via the ePO server (integration with AD).
  4. Collection of information (evidence) of the user’s activity together with the possibility of access to copies of sent files (investigative analysis).
  5. Reports generated about sensitive resources.
  6. Overseeing transmission of sensitive data, regardless of whether the user is online or offline. Protection also after the station has switched to emergency mode.
  7. Protection of document content (e.g. credit card numbers, PESEL personal identification numbers, NIP tax file numbers).
  8. Shared resource level protection.
  9. Application level security (e.g. MS Excel).
  10. Protection of registered documents.
  11. Identification of confidential documents on endpoints.
  12. Easier and faster secure software implementation and management of policies within the entire business.
  13. Quick and effective decision making based on insights
  14. Significant enhancement of the control level.
  15. Cost reduction of operations connected to information security.
  16. Native system integration for categorisation of documents (GRENmod of Tukan IT company, Titus, Boldon James).
  17. Protection against leaks in operational mode, without access to the company network.

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