Document Classification

Document Classification introduces the possibility of supplementing the mechanisms of automatic categorization of documents and electronic mail with the user’s knowledge relating to the confidentiality of created content, which is invaluable in such cases.

Document Classification Features:

  1. Classification enforcement of documents by their authors. Before saving new documents Tukan GREENmod shows a dialogue box, in which the user must specify the level of the document’s confidentiality.
  2. Classification of outgoing emails.
  3. Classification of previously created documents.
  4. Ensuring compliance with regulations. By compelling the categorization of each newly created document, Tukan GREENmod ensures the compliance with special internal and external regulations of financial institutions, for example (such as Recommendation D of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority).
  5. Possibility to tailor the categorization structure to your own needs. The solution ensures full flexibility of definition of levels of categorization together with their nesting.
  6. Protection against reduction of the classification level.
  7. Integration with DLP class systems.
  8. Central management, reporting and monitoring of actions of the users connected with the categorization of documents and access to protected information.
  9. Support for many versions of Microsoft Office.

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