Managed Endpoint Security

SOC24's Endpoint Protection systems offer ongoing, robust and updated protection against an extensive amount of threats, ranging from zero-day type exploits to hacker attacks.

The Endpoint Protection system can be implemented in the local MSSP model or the MSSP public cloud model.

Managed Endpoint Security features

  1. Malware protection by blocking viruses, trojans, bugs, advertising and spying software and other undesirable software which steal data and reduce the staff productivity.
  2. Protection of newly identified vulnerabilities of systems and application already from the first day of existence of a given threat (the so-called zero-day), reducing the risk of a successful attack.
  3. User Control browsing the internet and limiting access to designated www portals.
  4. Monitoring and limiting copying of data to portable devices and mass memory carriers. Blocking GSM modems at the moment when a given computer is connected to the company network.
  5. Control of application launches on the computer, blocking of launches of unauthorised code in case of lack of signatures.
  6. Encryption of data stored on desktop computers, laptops and automatic protection of files and folders made available on portable devices and discs, ensuring the protection of data against leaks due to loss or theft of a computer or memory carrier.
  7. Protection of mail servers together with anti spam feature enabling to eliminate unwanted email messages and capture malware before it reaches the user’s inbox.
  8. Auditing policies and reporting compliance with the requirements for HIPAA, PCI, etc.
  9. Blocking zero-day type threats with the use of mechanisms tracking the behaviour of individual applications.
  10. Protection against malware dedicated to mass storage (NAS) allowing detection and quarantine of infected filed at the level of disc matrix, making the file resources available to the organisation staff.
  11. Protection of resources processed by Microsoft SharePoint servers using mechanisms detecting the dissemination of unwanted software and monitoring of content of transmitted documents (the DLP and Compliance feature).
  12. An integrated management system ensuring a centralised control over the security protection tools and compliance with regulations in force.

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