Managed Web Application Firewall

The WAF class system automatically recognizes the application’s structure, its components and predicted behaviour of users. Imperva WAF automates the process of securing applications by means of automatic generation of the application’s profile, creation of a set of rules and lists of the user’s acceptable behaviours. With time it automatically introduces planned architectural modifications to the application’s profile. Dynamic Profiling eliminates the need of manual set-up and update of URL addresses, application parameters and cookies. In addition, WAF offers a huge number of customizable, embedded policies and rules, which allow to detect a full range of attacks on WEB applications.

ThreatRadar Reputation Services

ThreatRadar is one of supplementary modules of Web Application Firewall, which ensures automatic classification of IP addresses of clients using the WEB service. ThreatRadar counters automated attacks (e.g. IP phishing, harmful IP addresses, bad reputation addresses) through integration of reliable information on known sources of attacks with SecureSphere protection systems. ThreatRadar is able to quickly and effectively stop the network traffic from potentially dangerous sources before the attack is initiated or enhance the analysis during an alert.

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