Managed Web Security

Ensures malware protection, control over content and the reputation service, protecting users, applications, data and networks against any form of threats transmitted over the Internet.

Web Security System includes:

  • Advanced protection against malware and zero-day attacks and targeted attacks.
  • Filtering by category and reputation of www web pages.
  • Web Gateway scans the content of network protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS and FTP.
  • Control of encrypted traffic (SSL).
  • Protection against data leakage.
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Support for ICAP protocol.

Benefits of Web Security by SOC24

  • Quick and accurate protection
    Advanced signature free analysis of network threats. Emulation of operation of internet browsers and JavaScript. Detection of botnet networks and callback connections. Protection against DDoS attacks. Advanced correlation and prioritization of detected incidents.
  • Efficiency and accessibility
    Bandwidth of over 70Gbps. High reliability and scalability. Possibility of set-up in fail-over and fail-open modes.
  • Inspection of SSL sessions
    Ensuring identification of attacks in encrypted sessions.
  • Advanced analysis of network traffic
    Awareness of context of application, device and user. Behavioural detection of bots and analysis of traffic in the network.
  • Central management of security
    Integration with other security solutions. Correlation of events originating from various security modules.
  • Seamless operation
    Smart blocking dynamic mechanism. Intuitive user interface. Native cooperation with the vulnerability scanner.
  • Inspection of virtualised environments
    Inspection of traffic between virtual machines carried out at the virtualizor level. Quarantine of infected virtual machines.
  • One console
    For the management of virtual and physical environments.

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